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How to Fix a Slow Running Computer

One of the most challenging obstacles for any computer owner is dealing with a slow computer. A slow-running computer can be caused by a number of things, including lack of hard disk space, overheating and missing drivers. Regardless of the reason behind your slow computer, you can take steps to speed it up.

How to Fix Distortion on a Computer Screen

A computer monitor displaying a distorted picture is frustrating to the computer user, not only because of the image, but also because many people don't know how to fix it. A distorted picture does not always require expensive, professional service. While taking apart a computer monitor and servicing its interior is beyond the scope of what most want to tackle, there are some less labor-intensive methods you can try to fix distortion on your computer screen.

How to Fix a Computer I/O Error

If you've had a personal computer for any length of time, then you my have gotten the dreaded I/O error message at least once. The awful thing about an I/O error is that it can really be just about anything, and I/O doesn't really tell you much about what the error is or what to do about it. Basically, what getting an I/O error means is that there is an error that is causing your computer to have problems reading data when you're trying to install a program, or copy data from your CD/DVD drive. This particular error is common with the CD/DVD player in computers with XP operating systems. Here is how to fix a computer I/O error.

How to Fix an Upside Down Computer Screen

If you're met with an upside-down computer screen when firing up your computer, you might be the victim of a practical joke. As humorous as this may or may not be, eventually you need to use your computer, which is more complicated when standing on your head. Luckily, the same tools the prankster used when orchestrating the prank are available to you. The hardest part in correcting the issue is navigating with your mouse. Fortunately, you can correct the setting using just your keyboard.

How to Fix a Slow Computer Quickly for Free

Working with a slow computer is frustrating and limits productivity. It's expensive and time-consuming to take a computer in for service, but if you are comfortable making tweaks to your system, you can fix your slow computer quickly without spending any money. That may allow you to get a little more life out of your system if you're between upgrades.

How to Fix a Really Slow Computer

A slow computer usually takes too long to change screens, to connect to the Internet or the initial boot up takes longer than it should. There are many possible causes including a virus or, using too many simultaneous resources for the RAM memory available or spyware that is sending private data. Perhaps you have a hardware problem such as a loose solder joint or a problem with the Internet. There are quick and easy options to try with your operating system without investing a lot of money.

How to Fix a USB Thumb Drive Not Recognized by Your Computer

USB thumb drives (also known as USB sticks, jump drives and flash drives) are used to store data and transfer files from one computer to another. Taking thumb drives from one computer to another can cause drive letter conflicts that prevent them from being recognized as an available storage device. This problem occurs when thumb drives are assigned drive letters that are already being used by the computer they are being plugged into. The problem usually occurs when you take the thumb drive from a laptop computer and plug it into a networked workstation. Use the following steps to make your device visible again.

How to Fix Color Resolution on a Computer

If image colors look a little off on your computer monitor, you may need to fix the color resolution on your computer. Computer color resolution can run from monochrome, which displays as black and white, to 32-bit, the highest quality color resolution available on computers today, which displays items on the screen in their truest color. If your color resolution appears poor, it is more than likely because the resolution is too low. Color resolution on a computer can be easily corrected though.

How to Fix Appcrash Errors on a Computer

When program files or files within your computer’s registry have become corrupted, this can cause the programs to unexpectedly crash. When a program crashes, you will likely get an Appcrash error. The error message will say “Windows Media Player (or whichever program has crashed) has stopped working” and then list rows of technical information regarding the cause of the crash. Unless you are a computer programmer, you may never fully understand what caused your program crash, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fix it.

How to Fix Computer Problems for Free

Computer problems are often left unrepaired due to cost, but you can actually fix many computer problems for free. You can find free parts and software that will fix almost any computer problem you may encounter. Common problems you can fix for free include virus removal, a slow system, hardware replacement and hardware upgrades. Once you know where to look and what to look for, you can save hundreds of dollars on computer repairs by fixing your computer problems yourself.

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