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How to Fix the Sound on a Computer for Free

Computer sound problems can stem from hardware or software issues. Programs and Windows updates can cause conflicts, sound card drivers can become corrupted and hardware issues may necessitate a sound card replacement. You can fix the sound on your computer for free in most cases, especially if it's a software or driver error causing the problem.

How to Fix Cookies on Your Computer

A cookie is a small trace of a website placed onto your computer. These cookies come from just about every website you visit and help trace where you go when browsing the Internet. The information is then sent back to the site you received the cookie from. This allows the site to offer you personalized ads and other options due to what you search the Internet for. However, these cookies often slow down a computer's performance, so if you notice a lag in computing speed, you need to fix the cookies and remove them from your computer.

How to Fix a No-Sound Problem From Computer Speakers

Your computer may no longer provide sound for a variety of reasons. You may have faulty speaker wires or lowered volume control. If the sound has been audible from your computer's speakers and is suddenly lost, you may need to perform a System Restore. Updating your sound drivers may also resolve the problem. Your sound drivers may have been corrupted or may be missing. The result of this is that the restore utility menu won't be available

How to Fix Screen Images on my Computer

Sometimes the images on your computer screen may not look quite right. Your screen images may appear upside-down, stretched, too small or too large. Fortunately, the solutions to these monitor problems are usually simple and straightforward, no matter the cause. The manner in which you fix your screen images depends on the version of Windows you are using.

How to Fix a Freezing Computer for Free

Computers pick the worst times to have problems. If a project is due, the computers freeze up or go haywire. There are several things that cause computer freezes. Computers freeze because of viruses, program conflicts and lack of free space. The main reason computers freeze up is program conflicts. Older programs cause conflicts when loaded on computers with new versions of Windows. Troubleshooting program conflicts requires minimal computer skills and time, so any person can fix this problem at home for free.

How to Fix Security Certificate Error Windows Computer

Web servers that support the Secure Sockets Layer protocol present a digital certificate verifying server identity to Web browsers that request connection. Windows Internet Explorer will display a certificate error notification if the digital certificate cannot be verified by a third-party certificate authority or if the date and time of the certificate are not correct. Resolve the error by correcting the Windows system date and time or install the digital certificate if the server is using a “self signed” certificate.

How to Fix Sound Problems on the Computer

Fixing sound problems on your computer may be less challenging if you follow this main guideline: First, look at the most likely cause of the lack of sound, then gradually move up to defining what the next most likely cause could be. Continue with this type of troubleshooting, listing the simplest of the possible causes to the ones that may be more difficult to solve. This type of strategy may save you time in fixing your sound issue and get you back on the fast track to hearing what there is to be heard.

How to Fix Computer Port Problems

Delayed reactions or no response when keys are pressed and lack of scrolling maneuverability are problems commonly associated with a defective mouse device. In some cases, the mouse cursor may even disappear and then reappear. Any one of these navigational issues, if left unaddressed, will lead to a reduction in productivity. Troubleshooting is simplified by using the Device Manager utility, because it is directed by the symptoms manifested.

How to Fix a Computer Tower

No matter what type of computer you use, or what you use it for, it is important to have some basic troubleshooting skills under your belt. Computer repair services can be quite costly, and in some cases the cost to repair a broken computer can be nearly as much as, or even more than, the cost to buy a new one. If you can troubleshoot and resolve your own computer issues, you will be able to save yourself time and money.

How to Fix Computer Glitches

You are busily checking your email, working on a research paper or playing a game (and winning) when it hits. Something weird happens on your computer. You get a pop-up message telling you that your computer is infected, or perhaps 157 new browser windows open. Your computer has a virus. While you certainly should not panic, it is good to know how to fix viruses. Following tips for computer virus repair improves your chances of getting rid of it immediately. But are you a pro at computer virus repair? No fear, read on for help.

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