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How to Take a Snapshot on Skype With a Mac

Skype offers many different functions, including instant messaging, video calls and sharing documents. If you want to make a permanent record of your interactions on Skype, a snapshot is often the best way to do it, as you can look at it offline, edit it and transfer it between computers. Using functionality included as standard in Mac OS X, you can take a snapshot of any Skype window, from your chat history to a video call.

How to Uninstall Adobe CS4 on a Mac

Adobe began shipping Creative Suite 4 in October of 2008. Creative Suite 5 replaced CS4 in April of 2010. When troubleshooting CS4 or upgrading to CS5, you may need to uninstall CS4 from your Mac. Installing CS4 on a Mac automatically places an installer program on your computer. Because CS4 installs files in a variety of locations on your computer, use the installer to uninstall rather than dragging the application folders to the Trash.

How to Enable ActiveX on a Mac

ActiveX is a type of code that allows certain Web features and applications to be shown on Internet Explorer. If you run Internet Explorer as your browser on your Mac, you may want to enable ActiveX to get the best out of your Web experience.

How to Set Up Email on a Mac

The Mac OSX comes with Apple Mail pre-installed. Apple Mail is an email management program developed by Apple and compatible with all major free email providers such as Google Gmail and Microsoft Live as well as most private email services.

How to Update Java for Mac

Java is an essential cross-platform developer environment that allows programs written in Java to run on your Macintosh computer. Java is known as a write-once, run-everywhere development language so software developers don't have to recode their programs to run on different operating systems. For this reason, it's important to keep the version of Java on your Macintosh as up to date as possible.

How to Disable Adobe Reader in a Mac

Adobe Reader is an application that allows you to view PDFs on your Mac. If you do not like the application and would rather use your Mac's Preview application, which does the same thing, you can easily disable Adobe Reader. The process takes a few moments and a few clicks of your mouse.

How to Turn on Javascript in a Mac

avaScript is one of the most widely-used browser-side scripting languages. It provides for a broad range of helpful functions, including form validation, calculations and in-page refreshing. Unfortunately, JavaScript also allows website authors to deploy two annoying features: pop-ups and browser redirects. For these reasons, many people choose to disable JavaScript. Thankfully, whether you use Safari, Firefox, Camino or Opera on your Mac computer, enabling JavaScript again is easy.

How to Repair a Tablet PC

If your tablet PC has suffered a critical system failure, you will need to run a repair installation. A repair installation checks all your system critical processes and reinstalls them if they are corrupted. You will need your Windows installation disk to perform a repair installation. You can perform a repair installation on your tablet PC in about an hour.

Things You'll Need

Windows installation disk
Place your Windows installation disk in your optical drive, then start your computer.

Press any key to boot from CD.

How to Play iPod Games on a PC

Running iPod games on the computer is much easier than you might think. Running emulators on your computer allows you to run other operating systems and devices on a computer. This is often used for developing purposes but can be enjoyed by anyone. Downloading the iPod emulator on to your computer is simple to do and is very safe if downloaded from a trusted website. The iPod emulator allows you to run all the same apps you would on an iPod, but on your computer.

How to Fix Your Slow Computer for Free

Working on a slow computer can be extremely frustrating. When the problem drags on or gets worse, the technology becomes a bottleneck that hampers productivity. The Internet and local computer stores are full of self-proclaimed gurus who offer to speed up your computer -- for a price. Before you open your wallet, though, it is worthwhile to try and solve the problem without outside assistance. Sometimes, speeding up a computer is simple enough for even the technologically challenged.

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